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Integration of AI in Digital Marketing

Globe SEM is an International Digital Marketing and SEO Agency with an experienced team helping many brands build their online reputation and improve their online ranking while attracting more traffic to their site without spending a fortune on their SEO project. GlobeSem can help your company increase your online presence by creating an SEO campaign specifically designed for your business, and you can receive the highest quality service by consulting with one of our professional team members.

Services include:

  • Design a great site and Blog
  • Maintain an online reputation
  • Drive relevant traffic to the site
  • Improve conversion rate
  • Increase the online presence
  • Build an online reputation
  • Testimonial and Promotional Video Creations
  • Manage Social Media

Creating fresh and unique content can help sites gain a lot of natural backlinks and shares. Our company will create fresh content by using relevant keywords with Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and blog post idea generators to help your customers get the relevant information they are looking for.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the science of making machines smart to give them the ability to speak, move, hear, see, and talk. These machines will be called AI if they keep pushing themselves to be better in the above skills. Alexa and Siri are two good well-known examples of AI.

There are many ways you can utilize artificial intelligence on your website to stay ahead of your competitors. Implementing voice search on your websites for smartphones with the help of Artificial Intelligence will enhance your website performance. Implementing A/B testing and gathering more accurate data will improve your website’s design. The main goal is to keep your site user-friendly and easy to navigate. Online users have been estimated at over 4.54 billion in 2020, which this number has been increasing day by day. Reports show that 83% of people will never revisit your website if they had a bad experience in the first place. If you are thinking about attracting more traffic through search engines or trying to rank for specific keywords, you need to build a user-friendly website. AI is used in forensic SEO to help experts handle data appropriately and perform meta-analysis during the investigation process.

Implementing A/B Testing on your website:

Did you know that 75% of visitors will evaluate your business by looking at your website and browsing through your webpages? one of the best tactics to improve your site’s UX and UI is implementing the A/B testing on special tools made for this purpose. By looking at reports, we will know better which version of the website is doing better as far as user engagements, so we will have a better idea of modifying the banners, fonts, menu, and content accordingly. A/B testing tool will help you create multiple versions of the site, and the tool will show users the various versions while recording their behavior and measures the difference in performance. Utilizing AI will show each user the specific information they are looking for based on their past behavior. The AI can suggest similar and more relevant content to the user, such as videos, images, and products, which will keep your audience more engaged, and they will spend more time browsing through the site.

Website ADA Compliance or Website Accessibility:

Web accessibility is another essential topic that needs to be considered when designing or revamping your website. Web accessibility will increase your site’s usability metrics. Accessibility checklists can appropriately be coded and designed for users with disabilities. Artificial Intelligence will help business owners and developers create a fully functional website for people with auditory, cognitive, physical, and visual disabilities. We will make sure your site is fully accessible to deaf or visually impaired users.

Build automated chatbots:

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, site owners can implement smart chatbots on the website to answer users’ questions instead of having a full-time operator available to help customers. AI will make your chatbot smart enough to answer complicated questions with NLP’s help (Natural Language Processing). Chatbots use the same technology that creates voice recognition fundamentals systems used by virtual assistants such as Google Now and Apple’s Siri.

The effect of AI on keyword research:

Google’s famous algorithm update called Hummingbird has a significant effect on SEO and the way google works. Hummingbird gave search engines the ability to do semantic analysis. In traditional SEO, the main focus was on finding relevant keywords and building an engaging topic around those keywords or keyphrases. Later, google RankBrain changed the entire game since the rank brain understands more than individual keywords and builds up contextual understanding to deliver better results. The primary intention of it is to understand the topic and provides better search results. It is trying to learn and understand like a human being. Search Engines understand the user’s intention and show them the most relevant results. AI learns from users’ actions. Even if your content ranks higher in SERPs for a while, Google will pay attention to the user’s behavior. Once user landed on your websites, decide to hit back on the browser button because they didn’t find your site attractive enough or if they think that your products, services, or given information are not relevant to what they are looking for, Google will make an update and will stop showing your page. Bounce Rate and click-through rate are two main ranking factors.

You can improve your sales strategy by having a better analysis:

AI, tools will help you create a better marketing persona. Reports generated and collected by AI tools can help you better understand your targeted audiences and build your marketing personas around their needs.

How to use semantic SEO to rank?

Once you ready to create content on your website, the first step is to do keyword research through tools like google keyword planner, Moz, or  SEMrush. Secondly, you need to add long-tail keywords to your main keywords. The next step is to get some keyword ideas from google by looking at the search result page’s bottom, called the “searches related to” section. Now you are almost ready to create your content. Pick a good headline (title) and begin to write your article around the keywords you picked. The whole point is to create original and relevant content to help users to solve their problems. Content is king. If you manage to create useful and engaging content, there is a good chance your sites will appear on google’s feature snippets.

What is the difference between Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning?

AI is a broader term than machine learning, which is referred to machines that run on AI and learn from historical data plus past experiences to improve themselves and get to self-learning mode. Image recognition, speech recognition, text to speech conversion are excellent examples of machine learning.

How do Search engines use ML?

Search engines, including Google and other social media platforms, use machine learning to improve their search results. Machine learning is also used in online fraud protection. Services like PayPal are currently using machine learning to prevent fraud and recognize legitimate transactions. Ecommerce sites also use ML on their system to recommend users the products they might like.

Malware and Spam Filtering

Malware Detection software uses machine learning to detect Malwares by understanding the code pattern, which has slight variations from previously detected Malware. Email spam filtering software used by clients is also powered by ML by categorizing the emails based on users’ behavior. Netflix and Amazon both use a complicated Machine Learning algorithm to show their users the best possible suggestions.

What is Deep Learning?

Deep learning is part of the machine learning algorithm using artificial neural networks, influenced by the human brain and large amounts of data to solve complicated problems. It refers to any technique that enables computers to adapts the human brain and logic. Python is the programming language used to develop deep learning. Facebook uses deep learning in identifying people from their pictures.

What is the difference between machine learning and deep learning?

Machine learning algorithms learn from statistical data to make decisions, but deep learning uses artificial neural networks to learn and make intelligent decisions independently.

Famous deep learning applications examples are:

  • News Aggregation and Fraud News Detection
  • Self-driving cars used by Tesla
  • Fraud Detection
  • Language Translation
  • Photo Description
  • Automatic Game Playing
  • Election Prediction
  • Virtual Assistants like Siri and Alexa

Deep Learning contributes to our life’s quality every day, and this trend will continue growing down the road, whether it is used as a parking assistant or as face recognition at the airports.

Few applications that use Deep Learning:

  • Snapchat
  • Leafsnap (can hear a song and tell you the singer name)
  • ImprompDo ( will help you to remind your daily tasks)
  • Dango (uses deep learning to understand what you mean when you type)

Technology should be used to help the user at all the time. It is quite obvious that machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning technologies are important ranking factors, but the main purpose is to reflect the needs and expectations of the human searchers.

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