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The Top 7 Most Useful Email Marketing Strategies to Maximize Growth and Profit Using SEO

What is email marketing and why should you use it?

Much like SEO optimization, email marketing is a highly effective and efficient digital marketing strategy. Any email that’s sent to a potential customer or current client is considered email marketing. Email marketing is meant to build trust, raise brand awareness, maintain customer loyalty, get repeated business, and acquire new clientele. It is also a fantastic way to advertise products, services, deals, and promotions. In this article, we will give you a comprehensive guide of the most important and effective ways to boost your success using email marketing.

The reason why you should concentrate on email marketing is it permits you to connect and interact with your customers. Successful email promoting methods can help your business a great deal. Your business can grow better associations with your clients, and thusly, produce more deals and income.

Regardless of what sort of business you run or how long you’ve been running it, our best email advertising strategies can and will work for you.

1. Optimize Emails for Mobile Viewers

Email Marketing SEO globesem brand awareness

In this day and age, more and more people check their email using their mobile device. At least 99% of consumers check their email daily. Email is the #1 way to communicate. Email is safer and more consistent than social media, which could be deleted or suspended for no apparent reason.  On the off chance that your business isn’t adopting the “mobile-first” attitude, you are not just losing the chance to construct a relationship with your clients, but also the chance to increase your sales. Over 55% of emails are seen on mobile devices. On the desktop, only 19% are opened. If you don’t optimize your emails for mobile, 80% of users will delete them.

2. Grab the Attention of the Email Viewer

Email Marketing SEO globesem brand awareness

People want to feel special, to feel a connection, and to feel valued in order to give their trust to a business. How can this be accomplished in an email? Creating the right kind of personalized emails can change your whole business. If your messages are conventional and generic, you might be losing clients. One way to personalize emails is to use the customer’s first name in the subject line and email content. You can also use other data the customer has provided to be more personable and grab their attention. Simplicity works best.  It is important to keep your subject line straight to the point, but also personal, creative, and alluring. This could include exclusive offers or promotions.  In the body of your emails, make sure your content is remarkable and amazing to keep your subscribers interested.

3. Grow Your Email List

email marketing digital marketing SEO globesem

There are many ways for your business to expand your email list, including referral programs, sales, and freebies. You can add a subscription bar to your landing page where users can sign up. Popups and surveys are also effective ways to gain subscribers. As an advertiser, you must ensure that you’re continually adding new contacts to your email marketing so you can keep your numbers going up. Social media is another way to get people to sign up for email subscriptions while promoting your brand.

4. Add Images To Your Emails

Email marketing, SEO

In email marketing, images mean more than words. One of the best ways to grab someone’s attention is through images, so make sure to load up your emails with some eye candy.  Many users don’t want to read, so instead, they skim emails to get a general sense of what it’s all about. Using colorful and aesthetic graphics and buttons is an amazing way to appeal to customers. Use file optimizing tools to make sure that your images load quickly because users do not like to wait. Their attention can be lost fast. Also, remember to make sure your images are formatted for mobile view!

5. Find Your Target Audience

Email Marketing SEO globesem brand awareness

Digital marketing achievement begins with realizing how to discover your intended interest group. All things considered, how can you start making content before you know who your crowd is? Good content marketing requires a significant time investment.  You can’t bear to burn through that time with content that isn’t totally centered around your target market audience. You have to discover who your customers are. Finding your target audience will help you concentrate on making extraordinary content as well as on making the correct content. It’s better to make content that sets up you as an expert in your industry, instead of making content for its own sake. Before you can create content that resonates, you must know your intended audience (as well as who they’re not). This targeted audience should ideally connect these three things: your product or service, your main audience demographic, and your company’s fundamental mission.

6. Add a call to action

It helps to use a sense of urgency in your emails to get customers to act, not just think. A clever subject line may improve your open rate, but you’ll need a call to action to get results. A call to action can be as simple as a link to purchase a product or to book an appointment, or even an invitation for questions from a customer. It’s helpful to give the customer a reason to act now, such as a limited time offer, sale, or expiration date so that they don’t want to miss their chance to profit.

7. Collect Email Addresses In Your Store

If your company has a brick-and-mortar establishment, a useful way to expand your email list is to interact with customers face-to-face. You can create a membership program for customers to sign up at the counter in order to promotional points, discounts, coupons, or a daily/weekly newsletter. This is a smart and simple way to stay connected to your customers, keep them loyal to your business/product(s), and increase your business’ email database.

How can GlobeSEM transform your business?

There are many ways to use digital marketing and SEO tactics to increase your brand awareness. Our expert team at GlobeSEM has years of practice in reputation management. These services include:

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