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5 Essential Guidelines for Content Writing

5 Essential Guidelines for Content Writing

1. Plan your blog post by selecting subject, creating diagram, conducting research and reviewing information.

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Try to pinpoint what your followers want to hear and learn about, because after it is released your article will continue to get traffic.
When you have your idea, make sure at this point that you review Google’s front page and your key competitors to see if you can build on what’s out there. If you can not write a post of high quality which is better than theirs, don’t bother! You don’t need to be an expert on the subject, but to make sure you add value, you need to do your research.
While you’re doing your research, keep a notebook handy where you can take down the key points and outline your subject. Okay, if not a notebook at least keeps a doc tab open on Google. I like using Google Docs, because I don’t have to worry about losing it, unlike using a notebook.
You should sit down to write your article, now that you have the outline. Generally speaking, I like having it directly on my WordPress dashboard. If I don’t have to copy it and paste it from somewhere else later it saves a lot of time and extra effort.

2. Create a headline which is both insightful and catches the attention of readers.

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If you don’t have a compelling title then there’s a strong chance your blog post won’t be read or shared. This is why the title of your blog post is critical for the article’s success. Headlines are the first idea a reader gets from your blog post. They influence search results, open email rates and social sharing. E

ffective headlines increase circulation. A bad headline will prevent your blog from being found by any potential viewers. Once you’ve gotten past the title, the content of the post will flow with ease. Therefore I suggest you compose the title first, before the introduction and description. You’ve got a very small amount of text to make a very large impact. So don’t underestimate the strength of a strong headline!

Write simple, informative headlines and make use of rich keywords. Always ensure that meta descriptions are informative too and expand on the subject of your article in addition to a brilliant headline.

3. Organize your post by splitting it into headings and shorter paragraphs.

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This will make your post read and look more elegant. For blog posts, formatting is super essential. Nothing is worse than reading a blog post which is just one big paragraph. Most of the time people skim through the material until they actually decide to read it, so we always suggest breaking with subheadings of your post.

Another fast tip is to make use of shorter paragraphs to help your readers move through your article. People tend to review blog posts until they make up their mind to read them, which means you need to make sure that your knowledge is outlined effectively. That way they will see immediately that their time is worth your message.

Apart from subheadings, lists of the bullet points are fine because they are easy to skim over.

Proper formatting is another way to save time when revising. Much like style and sound, consistency is needed in the formatting and structure. Subheadings will help your readers see your post’s main topics, and help you stay focused and collected while posting. The short sentences can be read even better. Long sentences can hinder comprehension. It’s tougher to read when the paragraphs are too big.

4. Add lots of images.

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A simple picture has the power of making a boring post a lot more fun and entertaining. A subject you can’t describe with words can be achieved with one graphic or photograph. In addition, it removes the monotony of words and gives the reader a stimulating visual break, keeping them entertained for longer.

Believe it or not, your followers will not spend more than 2 seconds on determining whether to click on your post or not. If you want good results, then you need a strategy.  Adding to your article an eye-catching featured picture is a perfect way to earn more views, likes and interaction. Use photos to make your blog pages pop!

Humans are visual. Adding imagery along with your blog post has a huge impact. Do you own a Pinterest account? In addition to promoting your blogs through the various social media platforms, you can also pin posts with photos, providing another route for visitors to your website.

5. Optimize for SEO (search engine optimization).

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51% of all of the traffic to your website comes from organic search results (which refers to traffic coming from search engines.) This is all a result of SEO (search engine optimization). You must add a focus keyword, add a title with the keywords and add an SEO title and meta summary as well. Your text needs more than 300 words, too. But I’d recommend that you limit your word count to at least 1000 lines.

Additionally, the photos in your article need to be optimized properly too. Make sure they are the right size before you upload them, and have descriptive names. Stay on top of your SEO-friendly content by tracking your efforts. Google Analytics is a simple and free way to track your page visits, as well as the total user time spent.

To get an idea of how users connect with your website after landing on your page, review items like your bounce rate and time on site. If there is a low average time spent on the website, and you see a high drop off, that’s an indicator that your content was not important to what they were looking for or, worse, was not interesting. Take into consideration the amount of media exchanges (shares, comments, etc.) to get an understanding of the post’s virality.

Both SEO and content writing are key pieces to the puzzle, so it’s crucial to use professional strategies for both ensuring improved traffic and interaction with the website. If you have any questions about SEO, content or how they work together, please contact us for more tips on SEO writing!

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