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4 Easy Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

4 Easy Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

The growth of social media and the new world means conventional advertising strategies, referrals, and leads are only going so far — it’s reaching customers with only an insight into the brand ‘s awareness that can contribute to higher long-term profitability. These dedicated consumers transform into word-of – mouth supporters who are planting the seed in their networks, expanding the net more and more widely.

With these 4 valuable pieces of advice, you can raise your brand awareness quickly and effectively:

1. Work on your SEO Content Strategy

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You may have the right stuff on your website, but if you’re not updating to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), nobody can see it. SEO is the practice of refining terms and keywords so that you can score higher on search engines, which contributes to an improvement in visits to organic websites.

The first step in optimizing SEO is to examine possible keywords specific to your brand , product, or market, ensuring that patterns and user intent are taken into account. The two forms of intent may be related to those interested in brand-specific products (not planning to buy yet), or those looking for the same product (searching for offers and planning to buy).

After you create a keyword list, take steps to optimize new and existing sites by using these keywords, adding backlinks and creating partnerships with other businesses so that through their sites you can connect back to your site.

Brand awareness is not just about whether the audience knows the brand name, but how well they understand the qualities that make your brand special. To establish this distinction, your content needs to highlight the qualities which distinguish your brand from your competitors. Share your company specifics that make it clear what separates you from those in your market, and show future clients why they should prefer you over your rivals.

2. Implement Community Marketing Strategies

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Community marketing is a strategy of growth in which consumers come together around a shared subject, interest or industry. It’s a strategy that creates a meeting of people who want to network, care about each other and work towards a common goal. 

Customers love to buy from brands that share their values and giving back. If you’re an active member of the community, this can be highly useful for your content marketing approach.

Start by knowing who your customers are and what care about that is connected to your brand, as you start the process of creating a community around your name. Then come up with frequently cadenced ongoing ways to put them together and link them meaningfully.

If these members are current customers, potential customers or industry experts, every aspect of the customer experience should be touched on by your community and each person should find unparalleled value in joining the group. Group marketing is one of the strongest brand awareness strategies for direct-to consumer brands to get ahead of all consumers’ rivalry and promote connection.

3. Create an influencer marketing campaign

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Organic social media traffic is not large enough these days to boost the brand awareness, so one way to attract new consumers is through influencer marketing. Because of their perceived trustworthiness (like a recommendation from a friend) and consistent follow-up, influencers are able to sell your product to their audience and attract thousands more organically than targeted advertising.

These micro-celebrities on social media can help you meet tens or even hundreds of thousands of followers who fall under your ideal customer profile, many of whom are first introduced to your brand or product. Moreover, when making buying decisions, these buyers are likely to be influenced by creators and have a higher chance of actually taking steps to buy.

Start by investigating influencers who embody your company’s look, sound, and values and whose followers fall under your customer profile. Then reach out to them to form a relationship, be it in the form of a brand takeover, a product giveaway or a sponsored message.

4. Implement tools to lighten the workload

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While there is a large and broad market for brand awareness tools, there are some that stand out for each purpose, including social media management, PR, campaign analysis and targeted advertising.

Because of its broad user base social media is an increasingly significant element of brand awareness

You can optimize strategies by tracking what people are thinking about your brand, answering questions that prospective customers may have, and driving shoppers to make purchases by using social media tools like Sprout Social and Hootsuite. Public relations is a low-cost, and even free, way to market your brand. 

There are unique tools like HARO, Cision and Meltwater that help you calculate how much attention your brand is getting, and how well your PR campaigns work. 

There’s Google Analytics, HotJar and Moz to analyze deeper analytics about the success of your brand awareness campaigns. Tools such as these allow you to troubleshoot and help you evaluate important factors such as SEO, conversion rates and traffic on websites.

Other growth marketing tools such as AdRoll use lookalike AI technology to drive site traffic and attract consumers with convincing ad campaigns, so you can reach similar customers to those you already have.

globesem e-commerce digital marketing logo design brand identity awareness seo

If you’ve not put any more thought into brand recognition, it’s time now. The growth of social media, platforms and technology makes it much more available to new consumers than ever. Follow these tips and you will be watching the latest clients and brand supporters roll in.

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