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5 Smart Ways to Use Twitter to Influence Google Search Results

5 Smart Ways to Use Twitter to Influence Google Search Results

Twitter is totally huge, making it a perfect promotional platform for goods and services or for sharing your content. Twitter is often referred to as a great marketing tool for your company but can it also affect your search results? In fact, search engines use social media signals to rank your website. SEO is influenced in big ways by likes, views, and tweets.These few easy tricks will increase your account’s chance to turn up in Google & Twitter Search:

1. Be active on your account.

twitter seo google search

Keep active. Every tweet you make is Google’s chance to index you, so you need to share a lot of content on a regular basis. But that doesn’t mean you have to tweet like crazy. Although there is no standardized rule for how many tweets you must send out, most social media experts suggest a minimum of 3-5 units a day.

Have at least hundreds of followers. Since interaction is one of the vital elements helping to improve Google’s ranking, getting a large number of followers – thus more interactions – could help you achieve this target.

Complete every profile feature because Google needs maximum details to ensure your profile is a valid source of information. So pay attention to the name, website link, and location field of your account.

2. Use relevant hashtags

twitter seo google search

A great hashtag helps your tweets to unite on Twitter and be quickly searchable. In addition, anybody can use it to search Google for tweets, too.

Here are the dos and don’ts listed in this official Twitter Guide for creating hashtags:

-Let it be easy to remember and to spell

-Provide incentives to use a hashtag (for example run a contest)

-Do your research to find out what hashtags people use for your brand

-Partner with influencers to raise the hashtag ‘s exposure (more on this in section below)

-Don’t expect people to start using your hashtag with no incentives

3. Partner with social media influencers

twitter seo google search

Social media influencers are a major trend in today’s marketing so consider working with one if your budget allows. If your posts are retweeted by a well-known influencer, you can get more followers, gain more exposure online and increase the conversion rate.

Here are some statistics for you to prove Twitter’s potential for influencer marketing (source: Twitter blog):

One third of Twitter users track and connect with celebrities and influencers

More than 50 per cent of Twitter users follow actors and musicians accounts

Nearly 40 per cent of Twitter users report that a tweet from an influencer influenced their decision to purchase a product.

So make a list of people you think are popular in your market, and who might consider collaborating with you, and contact them with a proposal.

4. Follow Popular Accounts in your area of business

twitter seo google search

For two important reasons you need to employ this technique.

The first is that you need to access interesting account information that you can then retweet later. You must do that because you don’t want to post your own content all the time, particularly if you’re not your industry or niche voice yet.

There are also more accounts that you need to follow from people including musicians, athletes, writers, researchers and celebrities to remain updated with the latest news and events.

The second reason you need to follow others is to allow them to also share your own posts and follow you back.

Given that feedback and brand visibility are important to Google, posting information on your company page will be a huge plus.

And note, you need to create entertaining and meaningful content to optimize other people’s chance to share it.

Implement your Twitter account whenever possible

You should use the link in your email signature, your blog posts, guest posts and other places to get more attention and visibility to your Twitter account.

For instance, you can use your Twitter profile in the author bio section when you write guest posts on other websites to let people know that you are available for business.

Use Google to designate your favorite social media, such as Twitter or Facebook, and add a markup link to your website. Get more comprehensive information from the Google Developers website.

5. Automate the sharing of your posts

twitter seo google search

Today Twitter has more than 330 million active users per month. You have an opportunity to hit the vast audience with your Twitter brand or company account. Not just that, you should also let Google know by regularly tweeting links to your website to boost social signals that you have an active website and blog.

Of course, it can be difficult to find the time to tweet about your website all day long while you’re juggling a website and a blog. Fortunately there are resources that you can use to automate your posting on Twitter.

With WordPress plugins and tools you can link your blog to your Twitter account to automatically send a tweet anytime you publish a new blog article. Some of such plug-ins and software include WordPress JetPack, Twitter Auto Publish, and IFTTT.

You can do it manually, of course, but it makes a lot of sense to use automation tools which schedule and publish social media posts exactly when you need them.

Using Twitter to boost your Google search results rankings is definitely worth doing, since it can be a valuable platform for creating and retaining your online presence.

Know there are 335 million users on the web, so it gives you an outstanding chance to meet this demographic and improve your Google score, thus introducing the company to even more people. Be mindful that social media patterns and Google SEO criteria shift constantly, so you need to use only the best of the newest techniques like those listed here to remain accessible.

twitter seo google search

At GlobeSEM we can work with you to leverage social media marketing strategies to transform your business and make the news of your company spread like wildfire. Our expert team is extremely well-versed in modern technology and all the most cutting-edge tools to widen the spread of your Twitter account and gain tons of new followers. For more information or a free consultation, contact us.

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