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5 Steps to Growing Your Business Through Social Media


In today’s day and age, Social Media can usually be one of the most vital parts in the process of growing your online businesses and digitally marketing. It can be confusing in the beginning when you’re taking your first steps to create your Social Media accounts. Sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube are essential tools to attract customers to your website, and grow your business and search engine ranking.

Step 1 :

Creating Your Social Media Accounts

Having Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube accounts, if not more, to showcase your business is essential in 2020 if you want your website to get lots of traffic and rank high on Google and other popular search engines like Bing or Yahoo. When you first create your social media business accounts, make sure to have a clear call to action in the biography of your profile. Tell your customers exactly how you can answer their questions and solve their problems.  You should make your profiles aesthetically pleasing and congruent with the theme of your website. Make sure you add links to your website and contact emails or phone numbers.

Step 2:

Modeling Your Profile After Others in Your Industry

A good way to figure out what kind of content you should be creating on your social media accounts is to look at other people in these industries and model your posts after theirs. See how they interact with their followers. You can also follow the people that follow them and like their posts so that they see your profile and follow you, since they will be able to see that you are posting similar content. Once you start gaining an audience, you can use the analytic features on your account to see who exactly is engaging with you and then you can gear your content in a direction to cater to them. Adjust your posts based on their age, gender, and the things that they like.

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Step 3:

Sell Your Product

If you do not keep your followers engaged with you, social media sites like Twitter and Instagram will not show your followers your posts as often, because their algorithm ranks the importance of your content based on how much engagement you are getting. To keep up the engagement on your social media accounts, you must post often and generate a lot of comments and likes on all your tweets or pictures. You should be promoting your product constantly, and you should have a clear message of what you are selling. Post about what you have to offer on a daily basis.

Step 4:

Grow Your Followers Organically

Some people may turn to buying fake followers or fake reviews in order to make their business look more desirable and popular. While this could work temporarily, it is actually a really bad idea. These fake followers will not generate any engagement for you, and they will drive your engagement rates into the ground. If you have 10,000 followers and only 100 of them are real, social media sites like Instagram will be able to see that out of 10,000 people, only around 100 people or less are actually interacting with your content. Their algorithm will think that your followers do not like your content, which inherently means that it is not good content. They will not show your posts that you spent hours working on to new potential followers, or even people that already follow you.

It’s much better to grow your followers organically as to not mess up your engagement rates. You will be able to see the analytics of the real audience you have naturally gained on your pages, and garner information about them to better strategize how to continue to grow your company and social media pages.

Step 5:

Taking Advantage of SEO

It can be extremely difficult to keep track of all your social media accounts and maintain good engagement and interaction on every page promoting your business. Along with all the other SEO services we offer, like getting you more traffic on Google, figuring out what is keeping your website’s visbility down, and updating your website to keep up with changing algorithms, GlobeSEM can manage your social media accounts as well. Here at GlobeSEM, we have professional social media writers and designers that work hard to make sure that your business looks professional and your content is at its highest quality and reaching its maximum potential.  We guarantee that if you use our top expert services, your social media engagement rates will go up drastically and we will help you drive much more traffic to your website than before.

It can be intimidating and overwhelming to run your social media accounts all on your own while trying to maintain your business at the same time. Leave it to professionals you can trust who will help grow your social media followers organically and drive your engagement rates up naturally.

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