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Why You Need Forensic SEO



What is Forensic SEO?


Forensic search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t exactly like the SEO you may already know about. It’s sort of like being a detective when it comes to collecting clues or evidence to improve traffic to your website. It is hard, detailed analysis work that should be left up to professionals, like our team at GlobeSEM.

Hacking, technical glitches, or other content barriers can cause major issues for SEO. It takes an in-depth analysis to cover all the aspects of your website. This includes the most prominent elements and even the minor ones. Forensic SEO helps to track what is particularly causing your site’s ranking to go down.

Black-Hat SEO practices are more common than most people would be aware of. Sometimes it is not the website owner’s fault, and when you see your website ranking falling, it can be an extremely stressful and scary situation to be in. If you are ranking high for years and suddenly all your progress is lost, it will take good, White-Hat Forensic SEO to solve your problem and regain visibility to your site.

How is Forensic SEO Different?

Regular SEO is, at its core, about developing and bettering your SERP visibility and rankings. It works to improve your ranking but it does not focus on finding what could potentially be keeping your website from ranking at the top.

However, Forensic SEO handles the task of looking for what exactly is preventing your website from ranking higher.

Forensic SEO digs back as far as possible historically to find issues that could be years in the past. If you have been frustrated over your website ranking for a long time, there could be some issues that are too difficult for you to find on your own. If you panic and implement your own fixes without considering the potential effects, you could seriously corrupt the visibility of your website even further. That is why GlobeSEM is the perfect agency to do your Forensic SEO, dig deep, and diagnose the root cause of your website ranking dropping.

The Importance of Forensic SEO

Forensic SEO is extremely helpful because it finds the core root of the issue that is holding your website back from high visibility and rankings for your website. It’s a form of SEO audit that is not about optimizing but instead deals with sites that have lost ranking. It restores the lost rankings. It is a very lengthy process, but it can absolutely save your business. Without this service, you would never know what barriers are keeping your site from ranking higher.

If you have a sudden loss in rankings, it could be for a number of different reasons. Normal SEO does not deal with finding the root of your website lacking visibility. You could have a penalty, or there could be an algorithmic dampening effect, like Penguin or Panda. Google’s algorithms are constantly improving and it can be very difficult to figure out what is causing your issue.

It is of critical importance to figure out what exactly ruined your website’s visibility. Cloaking, spam-related penalties, and other Black-Hat SEO tactics can result in your ranking dropping drastically.

How Can Your Website Recover?

Finding the root cause for your low ranking in your diagnosis is a grueling and lengthy process. Many website owners can not get past this first step on their own. A misdiagnosis could cause your problem to escalate.

If you have a penalty, Google Webmasters will notify you. But if you never receive that notification, that means it is probably a case of an algorithmic dampening. It’s extremely important to understand the difference between penalties and dampening.

GlobeSEM is able to find the root cause of your issue and develop a recovery plan. Whether your website is penalized or if it is an algorithmic dampening, we will be able to take the necessary corrective steps to resolve your issue and begin boosting your ranking again.

After we pinpoint the problem and start the recovery process, once your website is re-crawled, your visibility will once again improve. Determining the exact cause and nature behind lost rankings is vital to the success of the curative function.

Our Top-Rated Forensic SEO Services Can Save You

Lost search visibility can be due to a number of issues, or even a combination of them. We will look into data assessment, accessing developer changelogs, looking at hosting changes, site integrity, Black-Hat SEO, external factors, and known changes to Google’s algorithms. We will flip over every stone to assess exactly what is causing your ranking to dip. Our process is thorough and comprehensive, and our tactics are tried and true. Our professional methods can turn your issues into opportunities.

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At GlobeSEM, we understand that your business could seriously be suffering from penalties, dampening, or Black-Hat SEO tactics gone wrong. You could lose all your customers, your business, and all your investments. We are passionate about our industry. We recognize that every SEO action we take has repercussions. We have a huge responsibility and we know that our services will have a great impact on your business and your life.

It is important to avoid the downsides of bad, Black-Hat SEO. It could take months or sometimes even years to recover from these issues. Our practices are honest and will help you bring customers to your website, driving traffic organically and preventing you from any penalties or dampening in the future. We stay on top of changing algorithms to make sure that you have the best SEO possible so you can become one of the number one ranking websites in your niche or industry.

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